Web based surveys and assessments 
360 Feedback Tools 

HR Now! offers a variety of 360 Feedback tools for a management team. Understanding the value of the assessment tool and enriching the 360 feedback process are the goals of the HR Now! team.

Cultural Assessments

Culture assessments are designed to examine personal biases and learn the impact of cultural differences in the selection process and how to manage those differences.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

HR Now! develops customer satisfaction web based surveys that allow customers to express their views and further help management understand how individual interaction can contribute to the overall success of the organization, customer loyalty and retention.

Employee Feedback/Input Systems

How "engaged" are your employees with their work? Many organizations believe they have a sense of their employees' attitudes, job gratification and morale; without utilizing a formal feedback system to document their input. Employee feedback tools are called by various names, e.g., Employee Opinion or Input Survey, Culture Scans, Focus Groups, etc. An effectively administered employee feedback process enables an employer to obtain in-depth information on what employees are thinking and to detect early warning signs of problems or conflict. Obtaining feedback from your employees has an important secondary benefit for your organization by improving employee relations, retention, and productivity by signaling to employees that their views are valuable.

Exit Interview Processes

In today's challenging labor market, forward-thinking employers are always concerned about monitoring retention and turnover, particularly when key or high-potential employees leave. This becomes a heightened concern in a tight labor market. Some turnover is to be expected, and in fact, can be healthy -- introducing new ideas, talents and perspectives. However, excessive or unwanted turnover can undermine the efficiency and morale of the employees who remain and can also have devastating financial impact on the organization, especially if the root causes go un-addressed.

Individual and Team Assessments

Individual assessments allow an employee to take a personal in-depth look at themselves and to improve their professional development. Team Assessments can help a team build cohesiveness and team spirit. Assessments can benefit organizations through reducing turnover, improving retention and managing differences.

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